Cloud Computing

After facing lots of challenges in IT industry, we finally created the most Advance and Secure Cloud Computing that protests your data ensures your security.


Cloud Computing Security is set of control based technologies and policies to regulatory compliance rules and protect information data application and infrastructure with our Cloud Technology.


Our Vaultizee Advance Cloud Computing website are working with HTTPS(Secure) using 512 bit encryption with AES_211 and TLS_1.2 even on mobile version of website.

Different Packages as per storage space you need

1 GB Storage

₹ 9000/-
Per Year

4 GB Storage

₹ 13500/-
Per Year

8 GB Storage

₹ 18000/-
Per Year

12 GB Storage

₹ 22500/-
Per Year

24 GB Storage

₹ 36000/-
Per Year

32 GB Storage

₹ 45000/-
Per Year

64 GB Storage

₹ 72000/-
Per Year

1 TB Storage

₹ 90000/-
Per Year

2 TB Storage

₹ 135000/-
Per Year

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